Mortgage Checklist

Check out our mortgage checklist!

Our mortgage checklist will help you understand the requirements necessary for a loan application.

The following information is usually required during the loan process:

Personal Information

  1. Your Social Security number

  2. Date of birth

  3. Marital status

  4. Number and age of dependents

  5. Current address and telephone number

  6. Address fro past two years (if more than one)

  7. Current housing expenses (rent, mortgage, insurance and taxes)

  8. Years of schooling


  1. Driver’s license

  2. Social Security card

Employment History and Income

  1. Two years of employment history

  2. Recent 30 day’s worth of paystubs and 2 years of W-2 forms

  3. If self employed, completed personal and corporate tax returns with current profit and loss statement

  4. Proof of other income (award letters for social security, retirement, pension or military retirement)


  1. Current 2 months’ statements for bank accounts

  2. Current statements for stocks, mutual funds, and other investments

Liabilities and Debts

  1. Itemized list of all current debts: loans, credit cards, child support payments, 401k loans and any other bills

  2. Written explanation of any past credit problems

  3. Full details of bankruptcy during the last 7 years, if applicable

Real Estate Information

  1. Address of property

  2. Market value

  3. Copies of leases on rental property

Purchase Transaction

  1. Fully-executed sales contract/purchase agreement, with all addendums

Additional Items Needed

  1. Copy of divorce decree, which should include property settlement statement and order of child support

  2. Complete bankruptcy papers, discharge notice of any other supporting documents (if bankruptcy, occurred in the last 7 years)

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t be. We’ll be there every step of the way to help you to ensure that the mortgage process is a smooth and easy one. Now with a better understanding of the mortgage checklist, you are ready to apply!