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About Miller Mortgage, LLC

Why Choose Miller Mortgage, LLC?

Miller Mortgage can provide everything needed to close on your home: Mortgage, Realtor, Attorney, Insurance, Appraiser, and more. Miller Mortgage, LLC has streamlined the home buying process to make your transition worry free.

Realtors and attorneys on the Miller Mortgage, LLC team are experts at what they do. They bring knowledge, excellent service, and a team spirit for doing the best job possible.

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Miller Mortgage, LLC is a licensed mortgage broker in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our mission is to procure the best customer service and secure the lowest mortgage interest rates from our lending partners. Our volume enables us to procure very low mortgage rates and flexible programs in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire markets. Whether you’re looking to refinance or buy a home, we are here to help you providing great service and low rates.

As an independent mortgage broker, we work for the borrower. Unlike traditional mortgage brokers who can only offer their own products, we seek out funds from many different banks and mortgage brokers. This allows us to serve all types of borrowers, even those with past and current credit issues. We continue to add more banks to our portfolio in order to procure a growing list of options. It all adds up to more flexibility and lower mortgage interest rates for you.

When you call Miller Mortgage, LLC, you’re speaking with a local mortgage broker who knows the area (not an impersonal calling center on the other end) with many years of experience and has your best interest in mind. We serve all Massachusetts and New Hampshire towns. As a local mortgage broker, we have expert knowledge of Massachusetts’ communities such as Worcester, Boston, Plymouth, Andover, Lowell, Newton, Peabody, Middleton, Danvers, and Quincy. By combining innovative mortgage programs with the best available interest rates, you will enjoy a full range of financing options tailored to your meet your needs.

Products and services we can help you with at Miller Mortgage, LLC:

  • Mortgage Refinancing: including home loan refinance, debt consolidation and converting variable rate mortgages to fixed low rate home loans. Learn more information about our refinancing options.

  • Home Purchase Loans: including loan terms up to 30 years, fixed or variable rate options. Learn more about home purchase loans.

  • Low Mortgage Rates: lowest current mortgage interest rates and many options for refinance, home mortgage, and jumbo loans, even with high loan to Value loans. Learn more about our low mortgage rates.

  • FHA Mortgage (Federal Housing Administration) or FHA Loans: federally insured loans ideal for first time home buyer loans and bad credit mortgage. Learn more about FHA mortgages or FHA loans.

  • Jumbo Mortgages: best Jumbo mortgage interest rates and super jumbo mortgages.

  • Loan Conversion: convert adjustable rate mortgages or long term 30-year fixed rate loans to a shorter 10, 15, or 20 year loan to reduce total interest paid or pay off loan faster.

  • HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) Loans: if the value of your home has declined, looking into a HARP loan may be your best option. HARP loans program was developed by the government to help you get a more affordable mortgage. Learn more about HARP loans.

  • High Loan to Value Mortgages: up to 95% LTV financing with NO PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).

  • Fast Interest Rate Quotes: contact us @ 877-538-796 for an exact quote based on your exact situation.

  • Mortgage Calculators: calculate monthly payments, principal, mortgage length, APR, and much more with our extensive mortgage rates calculators. Learn more about our mortgage calculator tools.

  • Mortgage Checklist: understanding the mortgage checklist will help you with the loan process. Learn more about our mortgage check list.

We’re here to help build your financial freedom and to be an ongoing part of your financial future. As part of that goal, we offer free pre-qualifications and prompt service. All types of credit and income will be reviewed by our mortgage broker and there’s absolutely no cost or obligation. Apply for a mortgage pre-qualification by clicking on the Apply Now button or call us at 877-538-7967.

Organizations We Support

Our core mission is to provide the best customer service and secure the lowest mortgage interest rates from our lending partners. In addition, we are passionate about supporting our local communities. We support the following organizations.

  1. Windrush farm

  2. Peabody public schools

  3. Advantage riding academy

  4. Autism speaks

  5. American cancer society

As we continue to make charitable contributions, we look to expand the number of organizations/charities that we support.